Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oren Loni is planning a Vacation and Here are His Ideas

Oren Loni Plans a Trip

Vacations for Oren Loni are not taken lightly. In fact, a vacation is a very special time for Oren and he wants to live it up to the fullest. A vacation is a amazing opportunity for him to see new perspectives and enjoy life in a way he doesn't get to when he's living in at home town. Oren Loni created a map (which is like his vision board) and plans to travel to three big cities in North America.

Oren Loni Traveling USA

The U.S.A. is a beautiful country which is filled with so many things to do. Besides pinning the most beautiful hiking trails, North America also offers a place for dreamers like myself. This country is where dreams come true. The three places Oren plans to visit is New York, Miami, and San Francisco. Why did Oren choose these three big cities, compared to so many other cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Atlanta. Oren wants to experience the big apple first and then travel south to Miami and head west to the Tech capital of the world, San Francisco.

Have a look at Oren's map and comment your favorite places to visit.

Oren loni Dream Vacations

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