Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 Oren Loni Inspirations To Get Through The Week

Inspiration is a feeling Oren Loni knows something about. On the way to work or to the movies, Oren will remind himself of simple inspirational quotes to get him through the day. Whether he's inspired to watch a movie or read a book, Oren Loni will find creativity in everything that he does. Writing has been a passion for Loni and for a fairly significant amount of time.

Inspiration from Oren Loni

Over the months of updating his blog and catching up on writing movie reviews, Loni has been uncovering new nuggets of creativity in his writing style. For some creative artists, writing may come easy. For Loni, writing was a difficult skill and required a lot of practice and diligence. It's been a couple of months and it's been noticed by one of his best friends, Allison (not his girlfriend) that his writing and communication skills have improved dramatically. Oren Loni is extremely grateful to have received the feedback and acknowledgment from Allison and others in his close circle of friends.

Oren Loni Inspirations To Get Through The Week

Oren Loni Picks 10 Inspirational Quotes and Lessons from the Web

The Internet is a medium that offers a lot of content on a ongoing basis. It's a hub of hubs of various industries and interests, and anyone can use the world wide web to their benefit. For Loni, the Internet is a digital space that offers a social media heaven of network opportunities and entertainment. 

In the words of Oren Loni: 

The web is one of my favorite places to go without ever having to leave my room. The web is a fountain of news, information, pictures and content that bursts in every moment. From the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep, I browse the web and learn more about what my network does and what's trending in the news. At this moment, my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone that's suffering by the catastrophe of hurricane harvey. I wish everyone the best and a for a fast recovery. I admire everyone who rolled up their sleeves and actually made a difference in helping their friends, neighbors, and family members get through this.
If a natural disaster is a test (from above) to see how people act in times of crises, I tip my hat to those that helped and offered support at a moment's notice. 

10 Inspirations picked by Oren Loni

  1. "Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional." ~ Buddha
  2. "Love is innate to who we are..." ~ Lodro Rinzler
  3. "You have to be odd to be number one." ~ Dr. Seuss
  4. Don't Count the Days. Make the Days Count. 
  5. "It hurt because it mattered." ~ John Green
  6. Be patient. Everything is coming together
  7. When you feel like stopping. Think about why you started. 
  8. All we have is now. 
  9. I was quiet, but I was not blind." ~ Jane Austen 
  10. You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be. 
What you do think about about these inspirational bits? Do you like them? Let me know your favorite nugget of inspiration is. Leave me a comment or contact me

Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekday Vibes in Full Effect

Oren Loni is starting the week on a positive note

Anyone want to guess what Oren Loni does to start the week in a positive and productive way? In case you've been reading my blog or browsing through my Pinterest page, you'll probably assume that a well meaning affirmation is what it takes to start the day right. I usually browse the web on my phone. I'll either go on twitter or Pinterest and try to get inspired and set the tone. 

I've personally became aware that when I do not set the tone and let life do its thing, I can lost in the mix of the day-to-day responsibilities and chaos. How many people can relate to that? I have so many friends that call me out on that very same scenario. I the best advice I can myself is this: "Oren Loni, now is the time to focus on the positive and don't get distracted on the negatives." Once I say that to myself, I usually have a clearer and more focused approach of the day.

Oren Loni Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes can really make a big difference in my day. I find it funny that the little things, especially in my life, can make a big difference for the entire 24 hour day. As the wise men who have lived thousands of years ago have said, time and again, one good thought can turn into one good deed and that can turn into one good thing after another. Our minds can drift and think about many topics and circumstances. Here's a favorite pin on my Pinterest page that you'' probably enjoy.

Oren Loni Favorite Quote from Buddha

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Going To Watch A New Movie Tonight With My Girlfriend

Oren Loni is craving a new drama tonight on television. Some times I notice that some weeks go by a lot faster than others. Today just happens to me a a very slow day and it's been this way since yesterday. Maybe it's because the Fall season is creeping in and the days are becoming shorter and darker. It's not that bad, in actuality. I personally do not mind a long summer day, with some delicious food and pink lemonade on the side.

A Flick for Oren Loni and His Girlfriend 

There are so many options to choose from, these days. My girlfriend suggested a few hours ago that we should watch One Day at a Time and make some pizza and a Macaroni and cheese dish. My girlfriend is always coming up with great ideas. Forget my secret crush that I recently wrote about, my girlfriend is perfect in every way. She's so much fun to be around with. It was actually her idea to make tonight a pizza and mac and cheese night. Maybe we will have a little bit of white wine? I'm not sure, yet!

My girlfriend actually expressed the other day:
"Oren Loni, you're more fun now than you were when I first met you." 
She said it in a tone that was nice and kind hearted. I appreciated the love, WHICH IS WHY I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR MOVIE NIGHT. I never thought that I would be so interested in watching a genre like One Day at a Time. I can't wait to start eating some delicious home-cooked mac and cheese. It's going to be extra cheesy for me.

Oren Loni | Get to Know Me

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ask Me Seven Question

My best friend Jamie, the other day, interviewed me and asked me so many questions about life. He even asked me what my favorite color is and where I plan to vacation. You can read the entire interview here. I learned so much about myself and what I really want to do in my life. I learned that my favorite color is truly blue and I'm desperate to explore the Greek islands. I learned that I'm a real coffee connoisseur and I enjoy to watch Netflix, a little too much. Some may even say that I'm a binge watcher. I'm currently laughing out loud.

The interview hasn't stopped. So many questions were asked by my best friends Jamie, and I'm compelled to lay out the seven most important questions for Thursday. Are you ready for the seven questions? Here it goes:

.... And the Interview continues between Jamie and Oren Loni.

Jamie Asks Oren Loni Seven Question 

Jamie: What time did you wake this morning? 
Oren Loni: 5:45 A.M. 

Jamie: What was the first thing you did when you got out of bed? 
Oren Loni: I texted my girlfriend.

Jamie: What did you text her? 
Oren Loni: Good morning (with a heart and smiley face emoji).

Jamie: What did you do after you texted your girlfriend? 
Oren Loni: I went to bathroom, I brushed my teeth, and took a 5 minute shower. 

Jamie: How many times do you shampoo in the shower? 
Oren Loni: Only once. 

Jamie: What did you have for breakfast, this morning? 
Oren Loni: Eggs and a toast. 

Jamie: What do you do after work? 
Oren Loni: Drink another cup of coffee

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Interview with Oren Loni: Part 1

The other day, one of my best friends came over to watch a movie with my girlfriend and I. I haven’t seen Jamie in over 2 weeks and he noticed that a lot has changed with me. He said: “I appear to me more mature and serious than a year ago”. I though that was an interesting observation and I can honestly say I can say the same thing about him. Jamie has been my friend for over 16 years. We went to same high school together and played a lot of video games.

oren loni 

Jamie and I are now in meaningful relationships with our girlfriends and thinking about the future a lot. More than ever before, it’s the future that’s been on our minds. We’ve been discussing homes, where will we be in 10 years and how many children we want. We’ve been pondering about special plans to move somewhere and learn new languages.

Jamie decided to interview me and ask me some important questions about myself and the future of Oren Loni. I don’t think I ever had an interview like this before, and I thought it would be fun. Especially since we’re both serious about our future and where we want to be in the next 10 years.

Oren Loni and Jamie Start The Interview

Jamie: What’s your favorite Color?

Oren Loni: Royal blue is my favorite color.

oren and jamie

Jamie: Why did you choose royal blue as your favorite color?

Oren Loni: I always loved royal blue since I was a little kid. I think I would choose my clothes and school supplies in many shades of blue. I would always prefer royal blue. All my socks and shoes were in some kind of blue. That’s just my favorite color.

Jamie: How old were you when you discovered that you love movies?

Oren Loni: I think I was about 10 years old. I saw some action adventure movie and the rush and excitement of the movie captivated me. I was so amazed by how much went into the movie and how believable the characters and scenes where. I started to pay special attention to the art of movie making in my teenage years.

Jamie: What did you want to do for a living when you were a teenager?

Oren Loni: I definitely wanted to be an actor, or a movie director.

Jamie: What was your favorite subject to learn in school?

Oren Loni: I didn’t have a favorite subject. I was a little lost and school didn’t interest me as much as others, I guess. I was always interested in history in a way but I never actually made it a special subject for me. I think it’s because I was somehow interested in culture and the way people conducted themselves in periods of time. I’m really into philosophy now and I really enjoy learning about about others people’s views on politics, religion, spirituality, and technology. I think every generation has a special moment that pushes the boundaries. At this moment, the Internet is extremely important and accessible to Americans, but it’s still kind of like magic.

Jamie: Why do you think the Internet is like magic?

Oren Loni: The Internet is an invisible technology that transfers images and data among various platforms like smart phones, laptops, and smart television sets. We’re not in the digital age and it’s normal to us but if we lived 100 years ago, this type of technology would be very Sci Fi. It’s still hard to believe that we’re in a world were most Americans have a little computer device, their smart phone, in their pocket. I personally don’y understand how the Internet works, so to me, it’s magical… in a good way. I’m grateful that we have the Internet.

Jamie: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oren Loni: As a 37-year-old, I definitely see myself married with 3 children. Two boys and a girl. I don’t know in what order the gender of my children will come. It would be funny if I get all boys or all girls, none the less, I’ll be happy to have children. I was raised by old fashion parents that supports the idea of living in a big home and having as many children as possible. In 10 years, I plan on being a homeowner, having 3 cars, and a few dogs and cats. I would like to have run at least a half marathon.

I definitely would like to have visited many places in Europe and travel the world. Check out many museums and see my blog become famous. At 37, I hope that I’ll still have all my hair and I’ll be in good shape. I should probably stop eating so much fast food and lay off the soda pops.

Jamie: What’s your favorite thing to do now?

Oren Loni: I enjoy writing my blog and think about perspectives in life. I like to spend as much time with my girl friend and go on nice walks together and talk about our day. I like to buy her flowers and see her happy. I think this is the first time in my life I actually like to do things for other people and still get a lot of satisfaction. I must be in love or growing up. Either way, I’m very happy where I am right now.

I also enjoy to read a lot of magazines. I just recently subscribed to a few car magazines and I’m enjoying the future of cars. It’s so cool how most cars are trying to push their alternative energy vehicles like hybrids and electric. My favorite brand in the market is Tesla and BMW. I like Tesla for their designs and concept. My favorite car right now is the BMW X5 SUV model. I would get that in e-drive. That’s one of my favorite cars.

Jamie: If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Oren Loni: I would travel to Greece. I really want to go their and lay out by the beach and buy local clothes and eat their food. I want to vacation on one of the islands in Greece called Mykonos. I would love to go with my girlfriend and vacation their together. It looks so romantic and warm. That’s definitely a dream spot.

Jamie asked plenty more questions during this interview. Consider this Interview part 1 of a series of interview questions with Jamie and I. I don’t know how long this series will be. Part 2 will be coming soon. Stay tune everyone.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Guess Who My Crush Is?

Oren Loni has a new crush and she's amazing! What's up everyone, Oren Loni in the house and ready to confess my newest lady crush. I've been admiring here for a few months and I personally think she's on fire. She's very smart, extremely cute, and has an amazing personality. For me, a girl's personality and generosity goes a long way. 


Oren Loni is Crushing on Lily Collins

It's not a surprise that I'm currently crushing on her. Her look has always appealed to me and I've really enjoyed her movie titled: Love, Rose. Yesterday night, my girlfriend and I decided to stay in and cuddle over some wine and a romance flick. If you've been reading my articles, you would know that it's kinda of our thing to watch romantic movies and romantic comedies. 

So my girlfriend actually recommended this movie and I was like, "okay, sure, why not!?" and she was like, "awesome Oren... That's why you're my favorite." #TrueStory #LOL You now have to follow me on Tumblr.

So as the movie started and we're watching the flick together, we both started talking about how impressed we are with Phil Collins daughter, lily. In case you don't know who Phil Collins is, here's his youtube channel of all his greatest hits and videos. I'm sure you'll enjoy his art. 

I couldn't help but compliment Lily on almost every scene in the movie. My girlfriend was okay with that, because I let her compliment all her male actors. We understand each other and know that movie life is not real life, and we trust each other. We love each other and we can share everything.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oren Loni on Wix and Loving It

Hey Everyone!! Oren Loni here (Howdy), and I just made a really cool free Wix profile. I've been watching a lot of commercials about how Wix is a super easy and a friendly website builder, so I decided I'll create a free website with them. Who Knows? I might even start blogging on their platform.

You can check out Oren Loni's awesome profile here at On another note, I also wanted to express my gratitude today. My girlfriend has thought me that I should say at least three things that I'm grateful before I start the day. If I forget to mention the 3 things before I start my day, then I can always say it anytime in the day.

Oren Loni is Grateful For A lot of Things

  1. I'm grateful for my cat, Riddler. 
  2. I'm grateful that I had a cup of coffee this morning. 
  3. I'm grateful that my computer is still working. 
These are my Thursday bits of gratefulness. And oh yea... I'm grateful that I was able to create an awesome profile on Wix. I have to admit that Karlie Kloss played a role in convincing me to go on Wix and see how easy it is to make a website. Super models help in my decision making process (LOL). 

I wanted to create so many different websites, but in the end of the day, I chose to only create one profile with my social media channels and a little blurb about myself. I suggest everyone check out what I did and create your own free Wix website. We can compare and contrast.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Movies I like to Watch on a Wednesday Night with My Girlfriend

Oren Loni has a favorite day of the week. It's not Monday and it's not Tuesday. Yep, you probably guessed it. Oren Loni is thrilled for Wednesdays. You may ask why? The answer is simple. Oren Loni enjoys the fact that Wednesdays are closer to Friday than Tuesday and Monday. Thursdays are also great, but when Friday comes along, Oren feels like he's just hit gold.

Oren Loni Enjoys a Good Wednesday Movie Night

The middle of the week, or to be more precise, the third day of the week is a fun day for Oren Loni. He gets to stay in with his girl friend and watch a romantic comedy. Something to watch will usually involve a friendship that turns into something way more romantic and then lead to heart ache. As the characters learn more about themselves by their emotions and feelings, they take hold of their destiny and chase their true desire, which is love. They don't want to be alone and miss out on a Love of a lifetime. 

Oren Loni Romantic Movie Night

The love these characters have for one another is certainly a love that can lead to heart break, so these characters want to ensure that they can avoid these feeling by confessing how they really feel for each other. Their is a character evolution that takes place and a lot of crying and deep personal realization, of course. 

It can get pretty cheesy for me, but I enjoy to watch these romantic movies with my main squeeze. We're deciding between Chasing Amy, Grease, or Midnight in Paris. Have you seen these movies? They're currently playing on Netflix. Would love to know your thoughts about these movies. 

By The Way, I've seen Grease, but I'm game to see it again and again. Comment what movie you would want to see.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Does Oren Loni Understand Movies and Culture in 2017?

Oren Loni has watched many movies and wrote reviews on many popular genres. Oren Loni is doing this because he's finally pursuing his passion in writing movie reviews and building his blog presence. Readership is improving and followers are growing and Loni is thrilled. Oren Loni has a few hobbies with a history of writing philosophical ideas, reviews on TV shows and movies, and pinning his goals on his Pinterest account.

How Has Oren Loni developed a Skill on Expressing Ideas

Many years ago, Loni knew that he wanted to make a name for himself in a niche that he feels comfortable in. He dabbled with many different hobbies which includes painting, playing basketball, and playing video games. All of these hobbies pointed him in the direction of sitting on the couch and watching a good flick or two. He noticed that he would watch a movie and take notes in a systematic basis. He was also weirded out by the fact that he's writing so much information about his view on the angles and perception of movie making and characters. 

Oren would take notes on how the character expressed himself in tragic circumstances. He would ask himself: "Is he really sad or just faking it to make a quick buck?" Loni took the acting craft very seriously. Loni wanted to understand what makes a actor shine in Hollywood and what makes a movie director the best in the game.

Over the years, Loni developed a system he likes to call the Oren Loni Movie Method of Understanding Culture and the Arts in Our Modern Society with regard to Perception and Emotions and has finally pushed out out his very own website with a blog titled On Oren's website, he regularly blogs about his movie experiences, from action adventure to drama. He even wrote about his favorite comic hero, Spiderman

A lot of his writing skills stems from his note taking and reading level. He even offers tips on scoring Free Movie tickets. He cares about his readers and wants to eventually build a nice community of bloggers on his social media channels. Loni enjoys to tweet a lot and share his views and opinions. Just by curiosity, Loni tweeted about Hillary Clinton on the Hollywood Reporter. Politics is something that interests Loni, but not enough to become a researcher on the political front. It takes someone very special, talented, and determined to take charge and pursue their goals in the political game.

Culture Has Changed According to Oren Loni and Company

Oren Loni discussed with friends that the culture of America and movie making has changed a lot. In our time, it seems that the rush of information and being right is on the forefront of people minds. The art of being clever and talented surpassed the dignity of people and wearing their heart on their sleeves. Every ten years, the movie culture takes on new levels and obviously its designed to make it relevant for the movie customers.

I'm always up for whatever Hollywood thinks of next. Our movie genres definitely don't compare to Classic Hollywood and the actors of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. There are a lot of actors now and the new platforms are on digital. Netflix and Amazon Prime has taken over. Buzzfeed is one of the latest crazes and it's a media platform designed to entertain people from modern culture to politics, and music and movies. I've just recently dabbled on Buzzfeed's platform and created a new profile and wrote my perspective on a new movie of a talented artist and painter of past. I had a lot of fun writing this post.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

It's a Sunday Tea Party Afternoon at the Oren Loni House

Hey Everyone! Oren Loni here and I want to say what's up to my followers and blogger community. How many people love to drink tea? How many people love to do basic remodeling in their home or apartment. Guess what..? Oren Loni loves to drink black tea, eat some scrabbled eggs and browse for ideas on remodeling. I actually just recently created an account on houzz where I asked a question on setting up a wishlist.

Honestly, I love decorating and home improvement. It's really inspiring to see people live a life of luxury. I wouldn't say that I'm materialistic but I think it's nice to enjoy the finer things in life if your're able to. How many people have ever set up a wish list?

One of my goals is life is to live in a home of luxury. Somewhere in the east coast like the Hamptons. You gotta check out my Dream Home wishlist on my Pinterest page. I set up a dream home wishlist for years. I just don't know how I would be able to achieve these wishes? I really hope that one day my blog will take off and I'll be an authority on ideas, movie reviews, etc...

My friends call me a dreamer and I'm so lucky that my girlfriend loves me for me. But I want to be able to provide and enjoy the finer things in life, like the characters on Gossip Girl. I wrote a blurb about that hit series on my blog here.

I bet everyone wants an extra day of relaxing. Sunday is not enough. It's usually not enough for me. I get so tired through out week, and I work so much. Going to get make another lemonade ice tea and enjoy the rest of my Sunday afternoon.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Movies to Watch on Friday

Oren Loni top Movie picks!

Lucky is the guy that gets to read Oren Loni’s movie picks for Friday. It’s not like Oren Loni has superior taste in movies, it’s more about sharing his interests and passion in the Internet world. Oren Loni is going to watch 5 movies tonight. He’s going to watch a comedy, a thriller, a romantic comedy, an action adventure, and a science fiction. He’s going to watch these movies in this order.

Oren Loni Move Picks

For Comedy, Oren Loni chooses to Watch Sandy Wexler on Netflix

Oren loves these types of silly comedies. Adam Sandler is a great actor and puts a lot of effort in his movies and character. Adam became a legend in the comedy world in the 1990’s and his fire is still burning. Oren is looking forward to watching Sandy Wexler.

Hush is on Oren’s List for a Thriller

Oren doesn’t know too much about Hush and the actors in it. It’s a 2016 movie horror flick. According to IMDb, Hush got a rating of 6.6 out of 10 starts. This is a thriller Oren Loni is looking forward to watch. He’ll try to take notes for his review on the 2016 thriller.

Oren Loni’s chose for a Friday Night Romantic Comedy

Have you ever heard of Love Actually? That’s what Oren will watch for his romantic comedy. Love Actually stars his favorite actors and should make him feel good. Romantic comedies convey a special feeling. If you’re not getting a warm fuzzy feeling that everything will be okay, then you’re watching the wrong Romantic comedy.

It’s Action Adventure Time


Oren seen Gladiator about 50 times, but what’s one more time. Gladiator is a classic and gives the viewer a lot energy that to good shall prevail and justice will be serves. It’s a familiar action adventure with a deep philosophy and message. The bad (unjust) people will fall and the righteous will win in the end. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch when I need a pick me up. My girlfriend and I watched this action adventure 10 times together. We watch Gladiator like it’s our first time. It’s a great movie and I recommend it. Turn your phone on airplane mode.

End with a Science Fiction

I’m going to choose to watch Okja on Netflix. I don’t know too much about this Sci Fi flick, but it got pretty good ratings on IMDb and stars one of my favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal. On Rotten Tomatoes, it movie scored pretty high with over 85% rating factoring 166 reviews.

So these are the movies Oren will watch tonight. Do you have a specific list of movies you’ll watch on this Friday night? What are your favorite movies to watch?

Want to read the newest Oren Loni tweets? Follow Oren Loni Twitter and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Society according to Oren Loni

Oren Loni and his view on Society and Influence

How Oren Loni views society is a lot different than yours. How is it that Oren has a different interpretation of society than someone? It’s actually a simple explanation and not at all difficult to understand. Everyone has a unique view on their world and process things differently. Ideas come from a place of imagination, so the same holds true for perception.

Imagine if Oren Loni was born and raised to believe that the color blue is green and the color green is purple. What if no one ever corrected him and Oren never received constructed feedback from a shared knowledge source regarding the colors and their true names. Oren would believe without any doubt that these are names of those colors.

oren loni society

What if (one day) a person corrects him and tells him the real (true) names of the colors. Do you think Oren Loni will believe him or thinks that person is crazy? Oren would probably assume that the person is not smart or trying to play a joke on him. If a person goies through life and believes one thing (even when it’s not true), it would be very difficult to change their belief system. 

Oren would have to feel the truth from the sincerity from the other person. He would have to muster the courage to ask questions and listen to other peoples answers (and view points). He would have to look deep within himself and be confident that there is a truth beyond his understanding and personal experiences.

Of course this was just a hypothetical write up of ‘what if’. This “what if’ scenario would probably make a good movie too. It’s interesting to note: that everyone has their own views and opinions. One person gets up in the morning and happy and the other goes to sleep sad. Everyone is unique, and according to Oren Loni, society and people play a interesting role on how we think and feel.