About The Idea Quest by Oren Loni

Everyone has an Idea. Oren Loni has many ideas. He was inspired to write his ideas whether it's in the form of a quick sentence or two, a paragraph, or a on a page. His platform of choice can be a blog post, a tweet, or a social blurb. It really doesn't matter for Oren Loni where he writes, just as long as he gets his ideas out there. 

About Oren Loni and his blog The Idea Quest

The Idea Quest was inspired for two reasons: to write and share. For Oren Loni, we are all on a quest to share our inspirational thoughts and learn from each other. No matter what we learn, we can all benefit from each other, if it's constructive and comes from a good place. 

I started The Idea Quest in 2017 as a hobby to document my ideas for myself and for my girlfriend. This is more of a every day idea journal for my close friends to follow. My hope is for my blog to get noticed and featured from media and influencers I personally respect and admire. It would be a dream come true if my ideas get shared, tweeted, and pinned from magazines.

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