Monday, July 31, 2017

Vacation time for Oren Loni

It's summer time and Mr. Oren Loni is day dreaming about a summer vacation. Hey Loni fans! Hope you're all doing super good. I can not be more excited in sharing an Oren Loni dream vacation with my girlfriend. If I'm lucky, I'll even post my vacation trip in Hawaii. Hawaii is a Unites States tropical destination I want to visit.

oren loni hawaii 

I wonder when my dream of vacationing in Hawaii will become a reality? All I'm doing (these days) is day dreaming about the ocean breeze. My girlfriend the other day said: "Oren Loni, you needed a tropical vacation yesterday". Laughing Out Loud! It's funny because she was serious when she said it. I'm long overdue for a relaxing Hawaii beach vacation.

I have a feeling that the moment I touch the land of Hawaii, it will be love at first sight. I wont be sure what it will be. Maybe it's the air quality or the food. Maybe it will be the lovely people and the beautiful sight seeing. Perhaps it will be everything and more. I might even propose as an early honey moon trip. You just have to wait and see.

Oren Loni on Faith

What drives Oren Loni to have faith in such a uncertain world? The truth is that Faith is a beautiful thing, filled with strength and courage. Why is faith important?

Oren Loni Faith

I question my personal faith a few times. I always believed that the mind is a tool and meant to be used, properly.  Can faith help us improve our analytical skills? I honestly believe that having Faith will help us improve our skill sets, because it helps develop our imagination. After all, our imagination stems from the unmanifested world. It's a world that formless and connected to the One Source that Creates all things. Wow I'm deep!!

My appreciation to faith is an exercise I do every day. Not a day goes by I do not practice my deep sense of faith and gratitude to myself and for the world.  If I don't make time to 'smell the roses', I'll take atleast 10 minutes to close my eyes and try to remind myself of all the blessings in my life.

My faith is my fuel to keep pushing the boundaries and better myself.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekend Vibes

Enjoy the weekend with Oren Loni. The weekend vibes, especially during the summer time can be relaxing. No joke, it's one of my favorite times to relax. I'm always a fan of weekend vibes. An original Oren Loni way of relaxing is making an ice tea and turning on some Netflix. Right noew my favorite show on Netflix is the new series: Friends From College. I've seen the series about 3 times with my girlfriend. Her and I really enjoy the cast and their little New York adventures. My favorite actor in the series in the girl from How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders. The other day my girlfriend totally called me out and said I have the biggest crush on her.

oren loni weekend vibes

I kept hearing from my love: "Oren you love that women. You want to marry her and make her Mrs. Oren Loni." I kept it cool of course and said I had no idea what you're talking about. I paid no attention to her light teasing. So yea, I admit it, I do think that she's really attractive, and in a perfect world I would want to make her a Mrs. Oren Loni. Who wouldn't.. Just kidding.

I know my girlfriend will probably read this post, and she should know that I'm only thinking about her. I love her and I love spending time with her. I'm very lucky that I have someone so beautiful and understanding like her. I think that Oren Loni is one of the most luckiest man alive, right now.

Going back to weekend vibes, I'm a huge fan of Netflix & Chill. I'm also a huge fan of Amazon Prime & Chill. When did digital kill cable. I think 6 months ago. So that's what I enjoy to do. What you like to do during the weekends. What makes it special for you?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oren Loni: A Personal Disovery

Oren Loni is on a self discovery to attain peace. Peace has been a subjective mind-frame for him, ever since he started reading about the Buddhist philosophy. According to main-stream quotes about Buddha, The Enlightened soul has thought his disciples the way to attain peace and end the struggle on suffering. What does it mean to struggle and suffer?

Oren Loni A Personal Discovery

According to Oren Loni and his research on the matter, he wrote one of his ideas explaining how the Buddha has thought his disciples to live in the present moment. Past thoughts can create sadness and the future can make you anxious. It’s the present moment that can create for oneself a sense of peace.

Read Oren Loni's idea here:

The way to Oren’s salvation is not in religion or politics. It’s not in his hobbies and in his movie obsessions. Btw, Oren’s movie blog is a hit!!! Oren Loni has found peace when he centers his mind in the NOW. Now means right this very moment. Breathing and listening can help one center themself in the present moment. You don’t think about the past and you don’t think about the future.

We all have a center, that uniqueness that makes us essentially unique. Oren Loni started to realize how important he is just by breathing more deeply. Deepness of breath lets one experience a self identity that’s beyond name and form. It’s an existence of who you are, beyond the identity and reputation you created for yourself.

Ever since I started watching movies with my girlfriend, I started to feel more compassionate. Her obsession has always been romantic comedies and my obsession has always been cars. I always enjoyed watching a car movie or a chase on TV. I think it’s because the car represents more than a mode of transportation, it represents moving forward and going places. Her genre of choice: Romantic Comedies has opened a new perspective on people, events, and feelings. I was always knowledge absorbed and I always gave solutions to problems. But I learned that feelings are very important too.

I learned through my discovery of peace, that feelings are just as important as facts, if not more so. How I feel creates a path to my thought process. When I started to feel more grateful, I noticed that this Oren Loni started watching movies that show gratitude with their characters. It’s funny that this stuff happens. So I’m blogging about it, but I’m sure other before me has blogged about it as well.