Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 Oren Loni Inspirations To Get Through The Week

Inspiration is a feeling Oren Loni knows something about. On the way to work or to the movies, Oren will remind himself of simple inspirational quotes to get him through the day. Whether he's inspired to watch a movie or read a book, Oren Loni will find creativity in everything that he does. Writing has been a passion for Loni and for a fairly significant amount of time.

Inspiration from Oren Loni

Over the months of updating his blog and catching up on writing movie reviews, Loni has been uncovering new nuggets of creativity in his writing style. For some creative artists, writing may come easy. For Loni, writing was a difficult skill and required a lot of practice and diligence. It's been a couple of months and it's been noticed by one of his best friends, Allison (not his girlfriend) that his writing and communication skills have improved dramatically. Oren Loni is extremely grateful to have received the feedback and acknowledgment from Allison and others in his close circle of friends.

Oren Loni Inspirations To Get Through The Week

Oren Loni Picks 10 Inspirational Quotes and Lessons from the Web

The Internet is a medium that offers a lot of content on a ongoing basis. It's a hub of hubs of various industries and interests, and anyone can use the world wide web to their benefit. For Loni, the Internet is a digital space that offers a social media heaven of network opportunities and entertainment. 

In the words of Oren Loni: 

The web is one of my favorite places to go without ever having to leave my room. The web is a fountain of news, information, pictures and content that bursts in every moment. From the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep, I browse the web and learn more about what my network does and what's trending in the news. At this moment, my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone that's suffering by the catastrophe of hurricane harvey. I wish everyone the best and a for a fast recovery. I admire everyone who rolled up their sleeves and actually made a difference in helping their friends, neighbors, and family members get through this.
If a natural disaster is a test (from above) to see how people act in times of crises, I tip my hat to those that helped and offered support at a moment's notice. 

10 Inspirations picked by Oren Loni

  1. "Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional." ~ Buddha
  2. "Love is innate to who we are..." ~ Lodro Rinzler
  3. "You have to be odd to be number one." ~ Dr. Seuss
  4. Don't Count the Days. Make the Days Count. 
  5. "It hurt because it mattered." ~ John Green
  6. Be patient. Everything is coming together
  7. When you feel like stopping. Think about why you started. 
  8. All we have is now. 
  9. I was quiet, but I was not blind." ~ Jane Austen 
  10. You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be. 
What you do think about about these inspirational bits? Do you like them? Let me know your favorite nugget of inspiration is. Leave me a comment or contact me

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