Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Movies I like to Watch on a Wednesday Night with My Girlfriend

Oren Loni has a favorite day of the week. It's not Monday and it's not Tuesday. Yep, you probably guessed it. Oren Loni is thrilled for Wednesdays. You may ask why? The answer is simple. Oren Loni enjoys the fact that Wednesdays are closer to Friday than Tuesday and Monday. Thursdays are also great, but when Friday comes along, Oren feels like he's just hit gold.

Oren Loni Enjoys a Good Wednesday Movie Night

The middle of the week, or to be more precise, the third day of the week is a fun day for Oren Loni. He gets to stay in with his girl friend and watch a romantic comedy. Something to watch will usually involve a friendship that turns into something way more romantic and then lead to heart ache. As the characters learn more about themselves by their emotions and feelings, they take hold of their destiny and chase their true desire, which is love. They don't want to be alone and miss out on a Love of a lifetime. 

Oren Loni Romantic Movie Night

The love these characters have for one another is certainly a love that can lead to heart break, so these characters want to ensure that they can avoid these feeling by confessing how they really feel for each other. Their is a character evolution that takes place and a lot of crying and deep personal realization, of course. 

It can get pretty cheesy for me, but I enjoy to watch these romantic movies with my main squeeze. We're deciding between Chasing Amy, Grease, or Midnight in Paris. Have you seen these movies? They're currently playing on Netflix. Would love to know your thoughts about these movies. 

By The Way, I've seen Grease, but I'm game to see it again and again. Comment what movie you would want to see.

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