Sunday, August 13, 2017

Guess Who My Crush Is?

Oren Loni has a new crush and she's amazing! What's up everyone, Oren Loni in the house and ready to confess my newest lady crush. I've been admiring here for a few months and I personally think she's on fire. She's very smart, extremely cute, and has an amazing personality. For me, a girl's personality and generosity goes a long way. 


Oren Loni is Crushing on Lily Collins

It's not a surprise that I'm currently crushing on her. Her look has always appealed to me and I've really enjoyed her movie titled: Love, Rose. Yesterday night, my girlfriend and I decided to stay in and cuddle over some wine and a romance flick. If you've been reading my articles, you would know that it's kinda of our thing to watch romantic movies and romantic comedies. 

So my girlfriend actually recommended this movie and I was like, "okay, sure, why not!?" and she was like, "awesome Oren... That's why you're my favorite." #TrueStory #LOL You now have to follow me on Tumblr.

So as the movie started and we're watching the flick together, we both started talking about how impressed we are with Phil Collins daughter, lily. In case you don't know who Phil Collins is, here's his youtube channel of all his greatest hits and videos. I'm sure you'll enjoy his art. 

I couldn't help but compliment Lily on almost every scene in the movie. My girlfriend was okay with that, because I let her compliment all her male actors. We understand each other and know that movie life is not real life, and we trust each other. We love each other and we can share everything.

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