Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekday Vibes in Full Effect

Oren Loni is starting the week on a positive note

Anyone want to guess what Oren Loni does to start the week in a positive and productive way? In case you've been reading my blog or browsing through my Pinterest page, you'll probably assume that a well meaning affirmation is what it takes to start the day right. I usually browse the web on my phone. I'll either go on twitter or Pinterest and try to get inspired and set the tone. 

I've personally became aware that when I do not set the tone and let life do its thing, I can lost in the mix of the day-to-day responsibilities and chaos. How many people can relate to that? I have so many friends that call me out on that very same scenario. I the best advice I can myself is this: "Oren Loni, now is the time to focus on the positive and don't get distracted on the negatives." Once I say that to myself, I usually have a clearer and more focused approach of the day.

Oren Loni Favorite Quote

One of my favorite quotes can really make a big difference in my day. I find it funny that the little things, especially in my life, can make a big difference for the entire 24 hour day. As the wise men who have lived thousands of years ago have said, time and again, one good thought can turn into one good deed and that can turn into one good thing after another. Our minds can drift and think about many topics and circumstances. Here's a favorite pin on my Pinterest page that you'' probably enjoy.

Oren Loni Favorite Quote from Buddha

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